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About Us


Due to a personal tragedy involving an overseas property purchase the Overseas Guides Company (OGC) was set up in 2005 by Kim Brown and her business partner to help guide Britons on how to successfully buy an overseas property. Considering the multitude of steps involved in the overseas property buying process in addition to different languages, laws, currency, tax systems, customs and ethics, it’s no wonder that problems arise. 
The OGC mission is to provide overseas property buyers with a framework of how the property buying process works, from start-to-finish, so that buyers proceed from a position of knowledge and power.  
The OGC offers this framework through a free overseas property buying guide, weekly email newsletters and by selling country-specific educational guides.  The aim of the information is to enable buyers to understand their options, plan a comprehensive buying strategy and reduce risks, costs and serious issues.  
The guides and the web site content including blogs and newsletters is written by experienced, knowledgeable writers based both in the UK and overseas giving the most in-depth information available.