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What were Google Australia’s most searched for terms?

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What were the most searched and talked about topics in Australia this year? Here are the top 10 Google searches in Australia for 2016.


Imagine if we could look back in time and see what people’s real preoccupations were at notable periods of time, via their internet search history. Would cavemen have been googling, “Where have all the mammoths gone?” Would Elizabethans have been frantically googling “What is an armada?” 
Historians of the future will be able to look back at Google Australia’s search results and see exactly what they were thinking about down under in 2016, but so will anyone thinking about emigrating to Australia today. Anyone planning a move to Australia can see what their soon-to-be neighbours are asking of the world’s biggest search engine. So here are the top ten Google searches made by Australians in 2016:
1. The US Election
Leading up to the US Election the Australian population watched, weighing-in on the chance of a Donald Trump win, and tuned in to the campaign chaos that dominated the election campaign. Australia, alongside the rest of the world, stood in shock when the results of the election were tallied and the Republican candidate had won. 
2. The Rio Olympics 2016
Australians are a sports-obsessed nation so it’s no surprise that the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics was the second most searched topic on Google. Australian athletes once again dominated the swimming pool with other gold medals won in sailing, pentathlon, rowing, cycling and more.
3. The National Census
The disastrous national census hashtag #Census2016 drew much criticism due to the lack of data privacy. The census, which favoured online submissions for the
first time in 2016, experienced a website crash which left many people frustrated and concerned about their private information.
4. Euro 2016
A nation of soccer (or football) fans, Australians tuned into Euro 2016 in France to watch the European teams battle for football supremacy. In the end Portugal took the coveted title. So, no worries if you’re moving to Australia and worry that you won’t be able to follow European sport.
5. Australian Open 2016
Every year the Australian Open stops the nation, as television sets around the country tune into the country’s biggest tennis match. In 2016 Novak Djokovic won the men’s singles again, with Andy Murray runner up for the fifth time in seven years. Can the Brit go one better when the contest starts again next week? 
6. Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go, the app that took the world by storm was also a hit in Australia. Australians around the country had their noses stuck in their phones while geo-
caching the elusive Pokémon’s in their towns, neighbourhoods and own backyards. 
7. Donald Trump
While the US Election was the number one search term googled by Australians in 2016, Donald Trump wasn’t far off. The businessman turned reality TV star turned politician entertained the nation for much of 2016 and was the 7th most googled topic.
8. iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 had techies and regular civilians on the edge of their seat, anticipating the features and gadgetry that would be revealed with the next era of the iPhone. When the phone was released in September 2016, Australians lined-up to be first to acquire this new piece of technology.
9. David Bowie
Australians mourned the death of English rock-legend David Bowie in January 2016. Tributes began pouring in and Australians turned to the internet to stay up to date with his passing and immerse themselves with everything they loved about the star.
10. Prince
The tragic and unexpected death of Prince sent Australians to their keyboards trying to make sense of his passing and re-discover the works of mastery that Prince produced throughout his career.
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